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I have 14 month old twins, who unfortunately weaned themselves from breastfeeding just before 11 months.  They were then on formula and then went to whole milk a little after 12 months.  My biggest question and concern is how to make sure they are getting enough fat in their diets, without giving them milk?  I have reduced their milk intake, but I don’t know how to get rid of it completely….. Any suggestions?




Hello Tara-

That is a great question and one we get quite a lot.  You are right on- KIDS NEED FAT in their diets.  They need a higher percentage of their calories from fat, even more than adults.  Their brains are developing rapidly and their body needs fat to accomplish this.  That is why we concentrate on feeding our children HEALTHY FATS with their essential fatty acids (EFA’s).  We recommend feeding them NUTS, SEEDS, and AVOCADOS as the major source of fat in their diet instead of DAIRY FAT, OILS, and MEAT.


Have you ever tried making your own ALMOND milk?  When my kids are in the transition phase, I would make them a bottle of ALMOND milk and I would add a tablespoon of sesame seeds for the added calcium.  You can also purchase bottled almond milk at the store.  You will see it has much more fat than rice milk- and the fat comes from a plant source, which is optimal.


When my children reach the age of one- it wasn’t uncommon for them to eat a half to a whole avocado every day.  And drink mostly water for their liquid.


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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