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We recently received the following question from a like-minded MOMMY who is desiring to eat a more plant based diet, but whose family isn’t fully on board.  We receive many of these type of questions, and thought we would post our most recent answer.  Hope it helps!


My son in law insists on giving my grandbaby who is 15 months, milk in the morning and she has a cold and funny nose. I told him it was not good for her and made more mucous. He gets on the defensive and says “what did u give your daughters” my girls, one of whom he is married to. We saw the documentary Forks over knives and he still gave it to her.

How can I approach him without him getting defensive?



That’s a good question 🙂  And somewhat of a hard one to answer…but we definitely have experience with this scenario.  It’s interesting how intimate people’s relationship to COW’S MILK can be.

You will find that some people will look at you like you are from another planet when you state- “not only do I obstain from drinking cow’s milk, but that I know it does a BODY BAD”.

I have personally learned the hard way that not everyone will be onboard with the MILK TRUTH…and my advice- You just need to be OK with it.


I have someone very close to me that at first thought I was loosing my mind when I told her NO MORE MILK.


Because cow’s milk is meant for baby cow’s.

To me…it made sense.

To her?  NOT AT ALL.

But now, as time has gone by…she has slowly decreased this type of milk in her home.  She actually is using rice milk for almost everything but baking.  WHY?  She sees the health of my family, I have gained her respect over the last year and for some people…it takes more TIME to accept.


My long winded answer to your question…

Continue doing what you are doing, show a good example- and they will eventual come around.

And LOVE THEM LOTS in the mean time.

You can also suggest Dr. Fuhrman’s Disease Proof your Child.  It gives sound advice on why NOT to use cow’s milk in a growing toddler and what to use instead.  You can purchase this on CD as well- it makes for a great car CD.  Very informative.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your question.  WE LOVE hearing from like minded MOMMIES all over the country.


Much LOVE!

Veteran Mommy

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