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Maintenance – Week 2 GIVEAWAY

As you may already know, we are celebrating  our 2 year anniversary throughout the month of September!  We can’t believe it has been 2 wonderful, fabulous years!

As a way of thanking all of you, our amazing followers, we are going to be doing some awesome giveaways each week throughout the month! (winner chosen by a randomizer each Friday)  Shauna was our lucky winner last week!

This week’s winner will receive an 8 pack variety box of these delicious Perfect Food Bars.  Thanks Perfect Foods!

10 Reasons to try Perfect Foods Bars:

10. Simple Ingredients. Real Food. You can pronounce all of the ingredients without a chemistry degree.

9. Over 20 nutrient dense organic whole foods provide good vitamins and minerals on-the-go. Plus, with ingredients such as tomato, bell pepper, alfalfa and celery, you will finally be able to tell your mother that you’re eating your vegetables!

8. No Refined Sugar. Since the only sweetener we use is organic honey, your body can digest it slower than it would refined sugar. This means you’ll have long sustained energy without a crash.

7. Good source of fiber. Everyone knows fiber is important and aids in proper digestion. 

6. Soy free. Research suggests soy consumption might be linked to several health conditions including: bloating, hormonal imbalance, unusual weight gain, and allergies. (Hidden Dangers of Soy by Dianne Gregg.) The problem with soy is that most products you find at the grocery store have some form of this ingredient – you have to know what to look for because it’s hidden in so many ingredients.

5. Handmade. These bars are handmade by happy people in sunny San Diego. We create jobs and support our local community. Besides, robots are kind of scary.

4. High in Omega-3s. Anti-inflammatory omega-3s are an important addition to your daily diet. 

3. Gluten free. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with celiacs or have found that your body doesn’t digest gluten very well, we are committed to being gluten-free. We encourage everyone to read more about the ill effects of gluten on your body’s digestive system. 

2. Refrigerated. Because there are no artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives these bars are stored in the fridge. Yum! 

1. They taste amazing. PERIOD. Seriously, you really won’t even remember the 9 other reasons once you try a bar. They taste like cookie dough, but are packed with the nutrients your body needs to stay active!

We love these bars.  They make a fantastic snack for our active children, especially when they need a little added energy for a soccer practice or a dance rehearsal.  We especially love they are made with natural ingredients from a company we can trust.  These bars are found in the refrigerated section (which is another clue that they are full of fresh goodness).  Thanks Perfect Food Bars!

Week 2 Winner will receive a copy of our favorite book, EAT TO LIVE, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman as well as a Whole Food Mommies decal sticker.

And…this fabulous Nut milk bag donated by The Health Seekers Kitchen

Product Description

11 1/2″ long X 11″ across the opening”. High performance nut milk bag created by The Health Seeker’s Kitchen. Made with fine extra strong mesh for a high quality, long-lasting bag. Make delicious nut milks, seed milks, rice milk & strain juice. You will love this bag. 1 Gallon Size. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • High Performance, long lasting and satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Extra fine, high quality mesh for smooth delicious milk.
  • Strain nut milks, rice milks or juice.
  • Rounded bottom & drawstring for easier straining.
  • Replaces cheesecloth

There are three ways to enter.

1. Share our contest link on FB or twitter and let us know in a comment. (click the “share” button top left of this post)

sample comment: “I shared the link to your site on fb because everyone deserves a chance to enter, but pick me for the winner!”

2. Leave a comment letting us know your favorite recipe of ours, or one you CANNOT wait to try!

sample comment:” Your Anytime Bean Dip is a staple in my home!”

3. Share the love, let us know how you found us!

sample comment:” My best friends sisters cousins niece has a friend who recommended your site and I love it!”

 Please remember to log in to our website in order to leave a comment below this post. If you comment in other places it does not count as an entry into the contest. Email us @ if you are unable to leave comments. 

GOOD LUCK we want YOU to WIN! Yes you! 🙂

Source: WFM 1-10

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