Maintenance – 7 Day Kickstart

One of the most common questions we Whole Food Mommies get is, “…….um..what DO you eat then?”

We smile and let our friend know that we mainly eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains!  Simple enough right?

Well, not always!  We each went through our own transitional period of changing from the Standard American diet to one that was much healthier and much more nutritious (or “nutrient-dense”).  I very vividly remember years ago Veteran Mommy for a special birthday present.  I told her that all I wanted was a list of the things that she ate for one week.  She generously obliged, and it gave me a bird’s eye view of what a week as a “nutritarian” looked liked.

I teach Healthy Cooking classes (mainly for The Cancer Project) and I see that people genuinely want to change some of their eating habits, but they don’t necessarily know how (….hence the birth of this website 😉  So for those people, and for any of you that are ready to take a plunge and tweak some of your eating habits,  I have put together this 7 Day Kickstart.  It’s a simple 7 Day plan with easy meals that will keep you satisfied and feeling great! 

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The Wellness Warrior herself, Kris Carr!

We are getting ready to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of our fantastic website and we will be doing some fun giveaways in September.  One of the giveaways will include this 7 Day Kickstart!. Check back often for ways to win and make sure to “Like” us on Facebook!

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