Veteran – You Are What You Eat

I’m sure we are all similar…We all WANT OUR CHILDREN TO SUCCEED in life. I want them to go as far as they want to- nothing holding them back.

That is one of the biggest reasons I feed my children a plant based diet.  I believe giving them nutrient packed, fiber rich, WHOLE foods give their bodies the material to build for SUCCESS.  I’m sure you have heard this statement…”YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”.

If we ALL only knew and felt the truth of this statement everytime we sat down to eat as a family- I believe families would be more CONSCIOUS about what they are putting into their bodies.  Our food is our building materials for our body…SO WHAT DO YOUR KIDS 2X4’S LOOK LIKE?

Are they STRONG, SOLID, STRAIGHT boards? 

Or are they flimsy crooked pieces of rotting wood?

Let’s visualize this “rotting wood”…it might sound a little harsh but let’s go there.  Maybe “going there” will help you become AWARE of places that you NEED to change…and with this AWARENESS can come MOTIVATION!

Rotting wood is WEAK.  So when I find WEAK places in my life…I know it’s time to spend energy and create strength at the CORE of the weakness.

A weakness I see in America today is that children are moving into adulthood eating 90 percent of their caloric intake from dairy products, white flour, sugar, and oil.  ALL DISEASE PROMOTING FOODS.

Did you know that: “The modern diet that most children are eating today creates a fertile cellular environment for cancer to emerge at a later age.  CHILDHOOD DIETS CREATE ADULT CANCERS.  What we feed (or don’t feed) our children as they grow from birth to early adulthood has a greater total contributory effect on the dietary contribution to cancers than dietary intake over the next 50 years.”  Joel Fuhrman- Disease Proof Your Child

Whether you have been striving to feed your family a more WHOLE food diet…or you are just beginning on this journey of becoming more aware:  WE ALL HAVE WEAK PLACES, PLACES WE CAN IMPROVE.  Don’t let thoughts and emotions discourage you…use these as FUEL to get moving.  It’s your children’s bodies we are talking about.

Where is ONE place you can improve right now to better provide a quality diet for your family?


Decide to “eat out” less

Decide to NOT buy your normal snacks but to have more fruits in your kitchen for a quick treat

Decide to plan your DINNERS in the morning so you have no excuses when dinner calls

Decide to set a better example for your kids- so they can learn from YOU how to BUILD their Bodies STRONG

Define where it is you want to IMPROVE and set the intention to do it…TODAY!

AND…everytime you hear your children say “I CAN’T….” Whether it’s at the dinner table as they examine their healthy plant of food…or any other time in life.  YOU STOP THEM!!! And you have them say “I KNOW I CAN!” five times (yelling it if they are up for it).

You want your children to SUCCEED- help them believe they can!


Veteran Mommy


Source: WFM 1-10

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