Veteran – Healthy TIP for MOMMIES

Hello all of you STRONG & MIGHTY Mommies out there!!!

Do you know how cool you are?  Not all mommies take the time to truly care about what they are putting in their kids mouths.  I’ve heard Mom’s say that they are happy if they can even get their kids to eat, let alone something healthy.  It takes a strong mother to take the time to THINK about healthy foods for their children.  Not only to THINK… but DO Good JOB!!!

Here is a fun TIP that I have been doing in my home to help my children’s CONFIDENCE in their abilities be at a HEALTHY level.  (AND YES…this can link to HEALTHY FOOD).

A good friend recently told me by the time children reach the age of 8 they will have been told “NO” 40,000 times.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my children to be accustom to this WORD…accustom to believing that this is how life is suppose to be…never getting what you want.  I know that as a parent it is our responsibility to tell our children NO…even tell them NO a lot.

But here is a really cool idea:  Every time you tell your children “NO”… give them two “YES'”.

For example:

Today my little girl wanted popcorn for breakfast.  I told her NO…at the same time I told her YES to having a smoothie in her favorite cup or YES to having OATMEAL with her favorite toppings.

So if you did this EVERYTIME you told your children “NO”…they would have heard “NO” 40,000 times when they turn 8…but they would have also heard “YES” 80,000.

I want my kids to know & believe they have the ability to do anything they set their MINDS to.  I do not want them to believe that life is full of NO’s…but LIFE is full of YES’s…endless YES’s.

So here is to saying YES to healthy WHOLE foods…and to LOVING OUR KIDS SO MUCH…that they will always say “YES” to using & magnifying their unique gifts & talents!!! 

Much LOVE!!!

Veteran Mommy


Source: WFM 1-10

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