Newbie – Shout out to WALMART!!

DEAR WALMART,  I heart you once again! 


                 I have a very close friend who works for Walmart corporate in Arkansas and I am always leery of talking with her about how I eat. For several reasons, but mainly because I don’t and always felt like I can’t shop at Walmart and get what I need. Well paint me wrong!! I spent a week with said friend and the topic came up. She proceeded to inform me of all the great things going on and how much Walmart is changing. She told that they like to buy local produce as often as they can and will be advertising that better in the future. They try to follow the trends and the trends right now are HEALTHY eating. I can even buy kale there!!! HUGE! 

This leads me to another conversation I had with my step-sister just yesterday.  She stopped by unexpected and we got talking about food….. a subject you don’t want to get me started on unless you want to hear how I feel about EVERYTHING!! I started pulling things out of my fridge and cupboards for her to taste. It was fun. Then she said something along the lines of, ” yeah I like the idea and I totally agree, but isn’t eating this way expensive?”. I realized I hear that a lot. There are many rebuttals like’ compare lifetime health care costs, or what value is good health”, but I remember feeling that way when I first switched my diet. Our grocery bill definitely went up. I would go to the grocery store (costco usually) and buy a whole bunch of foods that are good for you, then bring them home without a plan of how to eat them, then they would go bad too quickly. After about 6-9 months I figured out what my family will and won’t eat before it goes bad and how much I really needed. It does take time to change your lifestyle and some adjusting to grocery shopping. The only thing I could say to her was, it takes time and its been well worth the journey for me. I also suggested just trying out two or three new recipes and veggies, work your way slowly over. 

 Back to my Walmart SHOUT OUT……

Two nights ago, I decided to make the two mile trek over to my local Walmart….. boy was I surprised. Its been quite a while since I have been there for grocery shopping (a year or two). I was so excited about the small vegan food section and the produce looked so fresh and delicious! I filled up my cart and was pleased to spend nearly half at the register as normal!! I am excited that Walmart has jumped on the train and I know that more good things are to come. I will be keeping my eye out.  (I asked my dear friend is she could pull any strings and get me some diaya cheese in Walmart, now that would steal my heart forever!) 

So budget friendly, delicious fruits and veggies, and not a far drive from my house. Can’t get much better…. Walmart look out, I am back! 🙂

“Whatever you think about Walmart, it looks to be using its clout to help people who don’t have the time, money, or opportunity to eat better.” You can’t blame them for that. I don’t really have a stand on political issues with Walmart, but they are doing a good thing and if it helps people to change their diets then I am all for it!


Source: WFM 1-10

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