Newbie – Homemade Pizza with gooey melty "cheese" YUM!

 So I guess you could say I am on a “create your own” kick with my kids. They are loving it so I am loving it. We will see how many ideas I can come up with to keep this rolling. Tonight was create your own PIZZA! Hooray for the new Diaya cheese. NO CASEIN!!! 

I drove all the way across town  (to Whole Foods Market, the only local carrier for us) to grab a couple of bags. It says on the package that it freezes well so I am trying that out to see how the texture is after its been frozen. 

We also got to pick some fresh items from our beautiful garden (super hubby gets all the credit, he is awesome). We picked cilantro, chives, rosemary, basil, and kale to top our cheese pizzas. YUM!!

While I was at Whole Foods I picked up some whole wheat Naan bread to use for the pizza crust and some Newman’s Own tomato basil spaghetti sauce for the pizza sauce.

I set the oven to Broil and put a spoonful of sauce on each piece of bread and let the kids pick what they wanted. It turned out great: One, of course was just plain cheese, then we had half cilantro half cheese, and a couple of tomato, basil, mushroom, chives, kale pizzas for mom and dad! What a fun night. I served our pizzas with some fresh hummus and pita chips!

**Set oven to Broil and cook until the cheese is melted and starts to bubble. It took about 10 minutes.


Source: WFM 1-10

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