Newbie – My 21- day challenge


 I have 21 days left in my twenties! I was sitting outside today thinking about how I want to start my 30’s what things I would like to accomplish over the next decade. Of course my first thought was my health. I want to live a healthy long life. I have learned so much about what true health is over the last few years and I am going to spend the next 21 days focusing on making a few key things a priority for me. I actually had a lot of fun putting to together my list of things that I want to do for myself. Since we are different and at different levels I suggest you write up your own “21-day challenge” and join me!!

A few items on my list:

Sleep: 7-8 hours a night. I will be  in bed early and up early. 

*Getting enough sleep can effect many factors: mood (that’s a big one for us moms, when mom is in a good mood everyone seems follow), metabolism and weight, cardiovascular disease, ability to learn and memorize, as well as affect your overall ability to fight off sickness and disease!

Food: I will increase my intake of leafy greens to a minimum of 1/2 bunch a day. (Kale for me). I will consume 1/2 cup of beans a day.  I will take the time to sit, eat and CHEW my food. I am the queen of “I have no time to eat”. I will make taking care of myself a priority eating at least three meals a day. That’s big for me, I let my kids needs take over and I end up trying to make up at the end of the day shoving myself full of veggies or whatever else I can find. I will NOT eat anything that comes out of a box/pkg with a nutrition label. Only real food whole plant based food for me!

Meditate: I will take 10-15minutes a day as a time out for me! Slow deep breaths, allowing my mind, body and spirit to connect. Bringing more peace and calmness into my life. 

These are just a few things on my list. Please come up with your own, even if its one or two things that you will do for yourself, and in 21 days we can all celebrate my BIRTHDAY together, feeling renewed and alive. 

Happy list making 🙂 Leave me a message and let me know you’re in! 

Source: WFM 1-10

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