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I was in the Doctor’s office the other day (which is a very unusual place for me- my husband had too much fun over the weekend and broke his leg- but that is a whole other story)…AND I came across a very interesting article in a National Geographic magazine.

The title of the article was: FOOD FOR THOUGHT-

The number of animals killed for food worldwide.

It caught my attention.

It gave the top 10 animals that are killed worldwide.  Before I looked at the numbers and their order I immediately looked away and tried to guess the top 3 animals on the list.  I thought I’ve heard this before (on Oprah I believe) but it turned out that I either forgot it or never heard this before…because if I were to give me a grade on this exercise it would probably be a C-.

What do you think are the top 3 animals killed for food in the world today? (Try to guess before you look below for the answers)

Let me give you some interesting info that I noticed.

  • The #1 animal (the one that is killed the most) is 20 times higher in number killed than the 2nd animal on the list.
  • Six of the animals I have number eaten before.
  • The #4 animal on the list I had as a pet growing up- her name was cottontail.

So know that you have thought about the answer…here you go:

The #1 most killed animal in the world today is….CHICKENS.  52 billion chickens are killed every year.

The #2 animal are….DUCKS.  2.6 billion ducks are killed annually.

#3 PIGS – 1.3 billion (I remember in the movie FOOD inc. it stated that in the largest factory in America where they kill pigs- 32,000 pigs are killed every day.  That number was hard for me to get a grasp on…but that is only 11 million a year in the one building.  That is not even close to how many are killed worldwide).

#4  RABBITS – 1.1 billion (pretty close to the amount of pigs)

#5  TURKEYS – 633 million

#6  SHEEP – 518 million

#7  GOATS – 398 million

#8  COWS – 293 million

#9  WATER BUFFALO – 24 million

#10  CAMELS – 1.7 million

The article also made a very interesting point about ANTS, which are not part of the list, but are edible.  They state at ANTS are a good source of protein and are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world.  The article read that there are a million ants for every one human being on the planet- THAT’s CRAZY!

What is also crazy is how many animals are killed for human consumption.  I know that if these numbers were lowered, even slightly our planet as a whole would be HEALTHIER in ALL aspects.

I hope you have a wonderful DAY!


Source: WFM 1-10

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