Maintenance – Crazy Sexy Cancer – there is hope!

I received some sad news this week.  A good friend and neighbor just was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was at a routine mammogram when they discovered the lump.

What do you say?  “I’m sorry?”  “Everything’s going to be ok?”  What do they even want to hear?  Maybe it’s something simple like, “I’m here if you need me.”  Maybe that’s too cliche.

Being involved with the Cancer Project, I could look her in the eyes and tell her truthfully that there are small steps she can take to empower herself TODAY.  She doesn’t need to sit idly by and wait for her doctor’s next step.  She can at least take a little control of her cancer by feeding her body in a way that will help it fight that nasty beast! Both she and her doctor are optimistic, which is awesome!

I’m not sure where my interest in cancer even came from, but it is definitely a passion of mine – Prevention and Survival that is!

I’ve had the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer sitting in my house all week calling my name (thanks Netflix).  Anyway, I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it today.  I loved it!  I must be on a Kris Carr kick lately, but I loved it.

I laughed, I cried, and then I prayed.  For me, for my family, for all those suffering with this awful disease, and for hope…hope for everyone.

The movie has a way of putting a face to cancer.  It makes it even more real to me.  It lets me see the “enemy” of cancer that I want to be fighting regularly. It allowed me to feel the emotion of cancer.  It let me see that I can fight cancer in a small way each day in my kitchen.  I don’t eat out of fear, but I do like be even more aware of what I’m fighting. It’s so empowering!

I am huge believer in cancer prevention.  Of course that is not possible for everyone, or for every situation.  And I certainly don’t want to cast any blame on anyone.  But it feels so empowering to believe that the choices I make can (and do), improve my health.  The choice to do yoga today instead of sleep longer.  The choice to have a beautiful green smoothie this morning instead of bacon and eggs.  The choice to laugh with my kids instead of letting our stressful schedule today get me uptight.  I want to be as much  a creator of my own life as possible and then lean on God for all the rest.

Cancer is such a scary word and seems to be spreading like a plague.  Kris Carr has a way of making peace with it while still fighting it that is truly inspiring. She allows the viewer to become a part of her battle and then share in her victory.  I know this movie has been around for awhile, but if you haven’t had a chance to watch it, go out and see it (not with little ones though, because it has some adult language).  At a somber time, it was nice to watch something that left me feeling refreshed and uplifted.  Once again, nice work Kris Carr!

Source: WFM 1-10

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