Maintenance – FREE YOGA!

While on vacation recently I flipped through the March issue of YOGA Journal

I am a big fan of magazine’s for when I am drudging along on the stairclimber at the gym.  Sadly, the more magazines I try the more I realize how picky I am.  I have little patience for the endless ads, and I am generally looking for something a little more interesting to read than how to add shine to my hair.  My favorite ones right now are VegNews, Whole Living and Vegetarian Times.  Well I just added the Yoga Journal to my list.  Thanks to I can enjoy it for incredibly cheap (this is where I order most of my magazines).

I would not consider myself a “yogi” by any means, but I admit that month by month I find myself skipping spin classes and boot camps in lieu of yoga classes and balance workshops.  There is something about the calmness I feel while sweating that is very appealing to me (it helps having newbie mommy next to me in most classes :).

With  my hectic schedule I can’t always make it to my favorite classes.  Well, my worries are over. 

The Yoga Journal mentioned a website called Yogis Anonymous which offers FREE classes that are being streamed LIVE!  What an incredible concept.  The site is basically a Yoga studio in California that offers a variety of classes throughout the day.  The best part is that you can follow along from the comfort of your own home.  Just check out the schedule (which are Pacific Standard Time) and log on during one of the classes.  Voila….live yoga!  They also have a huge library available anytime for a small fee (and a few free ones too)!  I love it!  Such a great idea.  My son was home sick from school yesterday, which put a quick stop to my yoga class.  Luckily there was a class scheduled, so I got out my mat and enjoyed some awesome yoga in my front room.  Thanks Yogis Anonymous!

Source: WFM 1-10

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