Maintenance – Dr. Fuhrman will appear on Dr. Oz!

Dr. Fuhrman will be appearing on a segment of the Dr. Oz show which will air Monday, May 2, 2011, at 3:00pm EST. The topic will be a small panel of nutritionist discussing the Dunkan Diet. Dr. Fuhrman will be commenting about the dangers of this diet. Tune In!

I am so excited to have one of my favorite doctors appear on National Television.

Dr Fuhrman is one of my heroes and the man who taught me how to eat!

After the birth of my third child I was determined to get myself back into shape.  I discovered the book “Body for Life” and took the 12 week challenge.  I lost the weight that I was hoping to and continued on the plan for another 12 weeks.  That turned into a year, which turned into 5 years!  For 5 years I ate the way that Body For Life suggested.  Egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast, cottage cheese, grilled chicken salads etc.  Five to six small meals a day ALL of which included some sort of animal protein.

When I decided to evaluate my eating habits I came across “The China Study” and was convinced that I needed to change my eating.  The only problem was that I didn’t know what to eat.  I knew that I wanted to eat a lot less animal products but I just didn’t know how.  Enter Dr. Fuhrman riding on a white horse to save the day!  His book “Eat to Live” saved my health and is one of my most recommended books.  It not only teaches why it is important to eat properly, but gives direct guidelines into how to eat.  He basically recommends 3 fruits, 1 cup of beans, 1 cup of whole grains, and TONS of veggies every day.

Whenever I find myself in an eating ‘funk’ I simply listen to one of his many teleconferences available to members of his website  I have them all loaded onto my iPod geared up and ready to go for whenever I need them.  This man is a genius and I have learned SO much about true nutrition.  There are so many conflicting views on health and nutrition these days.  This is doctor that I consider an expert and I put a lot of weight in what he has to say.

I also happen to love Dr. Oz and I believe he is a good connection between Eastern and Western medicine and philosophies. I will definitely be tuning in!

Source: WFM 1-10

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