Newbie – Dr. Oz Review

        I was thrilled with the show, watching a few stories of woman who have changed their diets or even started to recognize how frequently we are feeding our children foods that we all should be avoided. Even if it just starts to open peoples eyes to the idea that diet and disease are linked then we are getting somewhere. 

I cannot wait to see the film, I may have to wait quite a while or plan a flight outside of the state to find it!

Highlights from the show today-

Three foods we MUST AVOID:

#1-If it has a parents and a face-DO NOT EAT IT! 

*That includes fish, I was a little surprised by that, but he explained it well. We get a lot of bad fats while getting that small amount omega-3’s.

#2 DAIRY!!

It is the biggest contributor saturated fats! WHOA bigger than meat.

#3 Processed foods- really if it comes from a box or has to have a label to explain what it is, AVOID IT!

* EVEN OLIVE OIL, Its processed.

Dr Bernard gave a couple of suggestions for salad dressing without oils.  He said he loves to squeeze a fresh lemon over his salad instead of dressings.

We have so many fantastic recipes that follow these guidelines. Disease can be prevented! CANCERS AND HEART DISEASE!! Let’s pave the way, make the change, demand better!!

Source: WFM 1-10

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