Veteran – Have you been to the ZOO lately?

I recently went to the ZOO with my children this past month.  I don’t think I like the ZOO very much it turns out… (but my kids sure love it!)

As we walked past a leapard walking back and forth I asked myself…”So when does this animal get to run…like it would in the wild?”

I am hoping there is a type of treadmill or something that they use to help the animal get his exercise…the exercise he was created for- but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

Then my mind turned to the animals DIETS…Are these animals eating the DIETS that they were meant to eat?  I remember hearing about some Gorillas found in Zoo’s across the nation where researchers were finding heart disease.  How does that happen?

I found a very cool article on all about these Gorillas.  Gorillas in the WILD show NO sign of this disease…what is causing it in the ZOO’s?

Check out the article HERE

Did you know that following chimpanzees, gorillas are the closest living relatives to humans?  Differing in only 3% of our genetic makeup.

Do you think we have such a high rate of heart disease for the same reason these Gorillas do?

(if you didn’t catch my scarcasm…OF COURSE it’s the same reason!!!)

CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE 🙂  And have a wonderful day!


Source: WFM 1-10

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