Newbie – Mc-WHAT??

I spent this last weekend and a fantastic event with my husband. While sitting during a break, I glanced over at a magazine the guy next to me was reading and was SHOCKED to read the headline: “McWEDDINGS”.. with a picture of a big mac with a cake topper on it. Mcdonalds is now offering a wedding service!!! Of course I did a double or even a triple take (in a sneaky non creepy way over the guys shoulder). Then I tapped  my husband and pointed it out. I am not sure how new this info is, but man I just started thinking they will do ANYTHING for buck! 

You get to start your blissful marriage at McDonalds and end it something like this (a commercial from PCRM):

It is time to take a stand and make better choices.

Source: WFM 1-10

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