Newbie – Basic Salads

 I am a very simple girl. I usually won’t make something if I see more than 5 or 6 ingredients on the recipe. I have ventured out and made some really delicious salads. I thoroughly enjoy a well mixed salad with some homemade dressing, however I have found for myself that I just don’t or maybe just won’t take the time to make something fancy everyday. I usually end up throwing something together really quickly and eating it with one hand while reading a book or preparing a lesson for a class I teach. I have a few basic rules I follow for making my salad:



3- PEPPER ( red, green, yellow, or orange whatever your pleasure. all loaded with vitamins)

4-FRUIT (strawberries, bluberries, mangos, apples etc)

I no longer use dressing on a daily basis, I find that the sweet and juicy fruit  make up for that lacking flavor. I grab a handful of spinach, chop the broccoli, pepper and fruit….. VOILA!  A super quick easy and HEALTHY lunch. I have even been known to throw it all in a baggie and take it with me in the car while running errands… yes thats how crazy I am!!! 🙂

 There are of course many other variations because there are so many fruits and veggies out there. Have fun with it. I find that with these few staple ingredients you can add just about anything and still have a wonderful flavor! Also if you still use dressing to get down the daily salads, try just going a little easy on it. Day by day eliminate more. One day you won’t need it. Our tasted buds are learning to love all these new wonderful NATURAL flavors, go easy on em! 🙂

Source: WFM 1-10

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