Newbie – Essential oils (a few favorites)

I have finally started to dive into essential oils.  I am just scratching the surface, but I am just thrilled with what I am learning!

PEPPERMINT oil:  Two nights ago I had a crazy terrible headache (rare for me, I know it was from the stress of all the family and the lack of water and proper nutrition). Lucky for me, I had just purchased a family physician kit for DoTerra. I pulled out my kit and my new “Modern Essentials” book looked up my ailment and found that just a drop of peppermint oil on my temples, across forehead, and on my neck would relieve the headache. I tried it…….. WHOA… a few deep breaths and  the headache dulled, by 5-10 minutes I had forgotten about the headache all together! I was thrilled and shared the news with my skeptical husband, he was thrilled.  I wasn’t squinting my eyes or clenching my jaw, he saw the result. It helps with stress or tension headaches!

OREGANO: I have been reading so much about this wonderful herb. I love the flavor and had no idea how much good it was actually doing for me! Now I sprinkle the dried version on everything (well maybe not my oatmeal)! What a powerful antioxidant it is! WE love antioxidants, they are powerful little guys that help maintain health and PREVENT diseases such as cancers and heart disease. It also comes in an essential oil and can be used for many things including maintaining healthy digestion. 

LEMON oil: Boy, has this oil come in handy over the last few weeks. I read that just rubbing some on your neck when you feel a sore throat coming can help prevent it. I have used it on myself and my children several times with the success! This one is also a great antioxidant, I put a drop in my twins water bottles when they were both coming down with a cold. Love the smell and the taste(mixed with water).

LAVENDER oil: YUM,  just thinking about it makes me take a deep breath. Its so calming and relaxing. I love just putting a drop in the palm of my hand and rubbing a little on my each of my girls just before bed, I rub a small amount on their pajamas right by there neck to help them relax and sleep well. 

There are so many more oils and uses out there, I am just getting started, Its is so much fun to learn and apply all this new information. I highly recommend taking the time to read up on essential oils. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can help cure and heal my children without constantly relying on a medical doctor. 

The book I use: Modern Essentials

The oils I use: DoTerra Family Physician Kit

I know there are many books and oils out there. Take the time to check them out, if you haven’t already.

Happy oil-ing ha!

Source: WFM 1-10

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