Newbie – Staying focused during the Holidays

         I know sounds impossible for some of us. I have been off and on already for the last couple of weeks. With all the family gatherings, holiday parties, shopping, and traveling, we end up cutting back on exercise and eating things we know we shouldn’t. It’s a tough season and I find myself getting stuck in the rut, “I’ll get back on track on Monday.. or hey, Jan 1 is just a few weeks away”. This year I have been practicing a few new tips I want to share with you.

When you know its going to be a busy day, start with a quick smoothie, we have several great recipes on our site or throw one together on your own. If you start the day with a healthy breakfast you will be less likely to overeat at lunch. Avoid long stretches of time without eating to keep your appetite under control. 

Holiday parties… these are always tough, you don’t want to hurt feeling by not eating anything. Try offering to bring something to share, veggies with hummus are always a hit or a delicious green salad (we have fabulous recipes). If bringing food is not an option, try to gravitate towards the real food. It’s not easy when your favorite crackers are calling your name and begging you to try a few cheese dips…. stay away. Plan one splurge item before you leave and stick to it! If your you’d rather splurge on cheese and cracker than a piece of pie then so be it.. (you are crazy like me!)  Make a plan and keep your word to yourself! 

Source: WFM 1-10

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