I think we have been trained to immediately feel fear when we hear or see the CANCER. Its constantly lurking around the corner with no explanation. People who we consider healthy get cancer and lose their lives. Its truly tragic that so many people have to suffer and die each year. Families lose loved ones or watch them suffer through chemo and radiation. It isn’t pretty. I watched some of my very own family members go through both and have lost two to this crazy disease. I have great love and respect for those who have had to suffer or watch their loved ones suffer.  The part that makes me so crazy… some if not most of this suffering could have been prevented!! As I watched and worried for my families members, I wish I would’ve had the information I have now. I know that some people hear my story and think I am crazy for not doing everything I can to prevent my cancer from coming. With the risks in the 90% why would I be knocking down doors to have my elective surgeries??


      I will tell you why, I have learned the preventative power of eating a whole food plant based diet. I was blown away by the impact FOOD has on DISEASE. We look at food and just something we do, we eat what we want, when we want. After reading “The China Study” my eyes were opened, and I was in shock of how blindly I had been living my life. I felt like a trained robot. All of the sudden I saw this vicious cycle all stemming from MONEY. In every industry someone is benefiting greatly $$ by us (the public) not knowing all the details. We live in a nation full of great sales pitches. I don’t watch TV much at all, but every time I do, I am shocked by some of the commercials I see. Especially the commercials targeted at children, making junk food full of disease causing chemicals appealing to them! If they can win over the kids, then they have us. Disease follows, then doctors have visits, foundations get to raise hopes (and MONEY) for a cure and so much more. I was amazed at how much I relied on the knowledge of people with a degree in advertising to help me make my decisions! YIKES!!

             As a mother I am finally taking the initiative to do my own research. I have found several people who I trust in the WHOLE FOOD WORLD. The information is out there, but it takes time and research. I think its well worth taking the time to research, if there is even a small chance that it is true and we can prevent our family.. our CHILDREN from suffering from any disease.  It is our job to protect our children and teach them to protect themselves. 

Some of my favorite places to find information:

BOOKS, if you haven’t read The China Study, read it! Eat To Live, is another must read. Then when is comes to your kids,  Disease Proof your Child. 

Favorite sites to search : of course, , , , 

          Its empowering to have the knowledge and ability to PREVENT DISEASE. What’s more amazing is how simple it can be, eating WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED DIET is the key. We as Whole Food Mommies want this information out there. We want to be helpful to anyone who wants to take this journey. Please feel free to leave comments or contact us. 

Source: WFM 1-10

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