Veteran – Vegsource- HealthyLifestyle Expo

I believe having “HERO’s” or “LEADER’s” in my life is essential.  This means having people I look up to for answers- in all areas of my life.  “Leaders find the path.  They are the readers of the signs and the clues.  They see and show the way.”

This past weekend was a surreal and exciting time for me.  I was able to attend the Vegsource- HealthyLifestyle Expo in Woodland Hills California.  And YES- I met many of my “HEALTH HEROS”.

Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. MD  (the epitome of HEALTH and CLASS- the sweetest man!)

Rip Esselstyn  (What a STUD!!!  I want to KNOW him- he has found his PASSION- and even though he doesn’t have anything by his last name…he is going for it and will go far!  Very Dynamic!)

Joel Fuhrman MD  (He is a GENIOUS!  Even though he is maybe 6 feet tall- he stands and appears as if he is the tallest man there.  He was amazing!)

John McDougall MD  (He is an icon in this vegan world- it was fun to meet him and hear his ideas…exciting to learn more- looks amazing for his age)

Jeff Novick MS RD LD LN  (HILARIOUS!  Entertaining!  Easy and logical- one of the best presenters there!)

John Robbins  (THE ICON…It was a cool honor to hear him and meet him- he knows how to INSPIRE!)

It was amazing!  These men are THE leaders in the Plant-Based World.  I learned wonderful and new insights, research, ideas & had some very fun experiences.  I will love sharing some of the information that I heard with all of you!

Look up these men- find out what they teach…your life will change for the better!

Now- if only T. Colin Campbell was there- it would have been complete!  Maybe next year 🙂


Source: WFM 1-10

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