Newbie – Being in tune with our bodies

         Over the past year and half I have been learning how important it is to be in tune with my body. When I switched to eating a whole food plant based diet, I started to notice how good I felt when I ate greens.  Then when throwing cheese or a meat back into my diet at times, it immediately takes me down. I can feel every bite  of good or bad food I eat. My emotions relate to my nutrition for the most part. If I am having a slow tired day, I can take a look at what I have been eating over the last couple of days and figure out why I am sluggish. Its amazing how simple it is for me now. Two years ago, when I ate what I wanted when I wanted, I couldn’t tell the different affects foods made on my body. Staying in tune with my body on the physical aspect has been an ongoing journey. 

       This year, as I set my marathon goal, I got excited and realized a Boston Marathon isn’t out of reach. I know my body, I am learning proper athletic nutrition. This became my goal. I have 5 months to get ready. I signed up for several races along the way to help prepare me for my St George Marathon Oct 2nd 2010. My training consisted of boot camp workout  3 days a week and running three days a week.  I found the perfect recovery drink (Brendan Brazier) in “Thrive’. I was feeling great. My knees started getting achy, so ice and just keep going.  Then they got to the point where walking hurt, so Physical Therapy.  It helped enough to keep me going. Then the pain came back so strong, I had to stop running for 6 WEEKS! It was tough, but I really still wanted to get to these races and my Boston Marathon.  I got back in the game after about 5 weeks of rest. I was so excited I got going and ran for weeks pain free. The pain slowly crept back in, and worked its way up to my hips. I ran anyway, it was race time. Ran my half marathon and got a PR. I pushed my body beyond its limit. Then my hips got worse.  A lot of ice and I was back in game, ran a 186 mile relay and had a blast. Weeks away from the marathon, I got a great recommendation for a athletic chiropractor. I met with him, he pinpointed the source of all my problems/pain. My hips, after having the twins (almost two years ago) had been rotated funky causing my leg lengths to be off by at least half an inch. Causing knee pain and eventually hip pain. The Doc adjusted me and I knew I was going to be good to go. I ran my final long run two weeks ago, I finished strong. Had a another doc appointment and got really sore from all the adjusting. My muscle had spent the last two years supporting my rotated hips. Now they are shifting and strained. A lot more ice and rest. I went for my final run this Monday, 1/2mile into it, I limped, then I cried. The pain in my hips came back and I limped another mile and half before my thoughts shifted ” what is that pain, why now, push through it, its just sore muscles…” and on and on. I came home, put ice on it, and called my friend who is a massage therapist (and my marathon running buddy). She made time to fit me in for a massage. I hoped that after that I would be good to go. 

        24 hours from now I would be walking around with a medal around my neck and after finishing 26.2….. I have had several talks with friends and some self realizations and finally have come to a conclusion. I have to listen to my body. I cannot keep asking too much of it. I need to back off and not push beyond my limits.  After tears and a couple of doughnuts (yes cream filled ones!)  I realized this is not only not my year for Boston, but not my year for a marathon. Six months of training and hoping…. its been heartbreaking and eye opening. One friend said to me “this is the only body you get, there will be many other marathons.”  

         So I end with that, THIS IS THE ONLY BODY WE GET, let’s listen to it, treat it well, and of course feed ourselves properly. There will be many other opportunities for medals, but I would regret running and pushing my body too far, then limping the rest of my life. Thanks for listening. Take care! Happy Whole Food eating!

Source: WFM 1-10

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