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Newbie – Let's help our kids have healthy school lunch options!

I am so excited about this movement!

Giving our kids better options at school. I really think that is key to the success of having a healthier nation!

A letter from Jillian Michaels:


 I’m the tough trainer on The Biggest Loser and Losing It with Jillian, and I am passionate about helping people reach a healthy weight. But I’m writing to you with a request that just might put me out of business.

I want you to help fight childhood obesity so that fewer people will need to go through the difficult process of shedding excess pounds. More than a third of America’s children are now overweight or obese. That’s why I recently wrote to Congress asking for healthy school lunches.

Now I’m inviting you to take action! Will you please contact your member of Congress and ask him or her to ensure that H.R. 5504, the Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act, is voted on and passed this month?

This bill will help schools serve more fruits, vegetables, and plant-based meal options—healthy choices that will help students reduce their risk of obesity and diabetes.

When students go from health class to the school cafeteria, the lessons they just learned should be reflected in the lunch line. They should see fruits, vegetables, and vegetarian meal options naturally low in fat and free of cholesterol. They shouldn’t be forced to load up on processed meat and other high-fat, high-sodium foods that could harm their health.

Please contact your member of Congress today and ask for healthy, plant-based options in the school lunch line. Your support would make a world of difference for children.


Jillian Michaels

Another letter I received yesterday! It’s not hard, just click the link and send a quick letter. We have a chance to change he way things are done for our kids. It’s pretty exciting. Let’s make it happen!

Congress is on the verge of voting for a new Child Nutrition Act, and we’ve received word that an excellent House version of the bill, which would allow more children to have access to healthful plant-based options, may be rejected for a much weaker, stripped-down Senate version.

This Senate version will make it harder for children to choose healthy food options in the cafeteria.

Our chance to improve school lunches across the nation lies in the hands of Congress today! Please urge key leaders in the House to pass the superior House bill, H.R. 5504, and reject the Senate’s bill, S. 3307.

Send a letter to Congress before it’s too late!


Elizabeth Kucinich
Director of Public and Government Affairs

Source: WFM 1-10

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