Newbie – Cancer: Is Chemotherapy the only answer?

     As you all know from my bio, I carry the gene (BRCA1) that has caused cancer is several members of my family. I have watched them go through chemo and surgeries to heal/cure them. When they found out I had the gene as well, they said with out hesitation, ” …have the elective surgeries… You don’t want to go through what we have had to.. The key is prevention”.   As you all know I have chosen a different path, one not explored by many. I am eating a whole food plant based diet to prevent the cancer from ever coming. Will that work? I sure hope so, but I must have a plan of action if for any reason the cancer does come. I have annual meetings and blood tests at the Huntsman cancer Institute, where I meet with genetic counselors and discuss my personal plan. This year when I met with them I was armed with all sorts of information about nutrition and prevention. They listened and even agreed with me, but they did question me in ways that made me think that I’m not bullet proof and there is a chance, however slim it may be. I went home excited to have them listen to me about nutrition prevention, but I was still a little uneasy.

  Since that day last April, I have read through several books trying to find my solution, I was THRILLED when I came across (by way of maintenance mommy) Suzanne Somers book, “KNOCKOUT, Interviews with Doctors who are CURING CANCER and how to prevent getting it in the first place”. 

This book has opened my eyes to other options. I know for sure chemotherapy is NOT the answer for me, but I would encourage you to read this book and decide for yourself. There are many doctors who are starting to look at other options and recognizing that chemo is not the only answer, and maybe not even a good answer in the first place.

One Doctor, Dr. Gonzales said:” A stage IV patient who has metasases, has had no chemo and radiation, and has been diagnosed within two months of seeing us has over a 50% chance of doing really well. As soon as patients have chemo and radiation their chances of success, although not completely eliminated, are lessened.”

 He also said: ” There are ONLY THREE types of cancers that respond to chemotherapy, if they do, in fact, respond: testicular cancer, some lymphomas, and childhood leukemias.”

I have since shared this book with a friend whose husband was recently diagnosed with cancer (melanoma), his doctor highly recommended one year of chemo. I think the odds they gave him where one year chemo will decrease his chance of re-occurance by 10% or so. when she was telling me, I was shocked and just smiled and listened, until I found my window to speak on nutrition and tell her about this book. She listened and actually went out and bought the book, She has read some of the book and they have decided NO CHEMO for them! So great. I hope they look into nutrition more. 

I just talked her the other day. She told me about a friend of hers whose husband has cancer, but they don’t feel good about chemo. She told them about the book and their choice not to… it’s awesome to see the ripple effect. She told me how good it felt to share this information. When we have information, we need to share. That is why we started our website in the first place. 

My hope with this post is not to change mind about what they think is right or wrong. I just want you to know that there are options out there, its time we question the status quo for cancer. There are doctors willing to help, treat, and CURE cancer without poisoning our bodies. I hope that this post might make you think and do the research for yourself. Find what you feel is right and true. 

I know for me I have a plan, I know there are options none of them include chemo and that is empowering. 

 Books I highly recommend if cancer is a concern in your family:

Eat to live: Joel Furhman

The China Study: T Colin Campbell

Knockout: Suzanne Somers

Source: WFM 1-10

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