Newbie – A yummy summer treat

 So maybe I live under a box, or maybe I have four small children and rarely get to “browse” the grocery store. Not today, I got to the store all alone AND look what I found!! These are so fantastic.

                    . So Delicious made with Coconut Milk

 I am all about making my own homemade whole food treats like our, no bake coconut ballschocolate chip zucchini muffins, or these yummy no bake chocolate balls. But there are always moments where you just feel like splurging. 

I am currently out of town visiting family. Some of them think we are a little crazy eating the way we do. When I came home from the store with these “ice cream” treats I had no complaints. Granted I know they aren’t healthy, but a better choice compared to the alternative dairy choice. The coconut milk ice cream does not disappoint. So if you are in a bind or just want to grab something quick on a hot day, give these a try. I give them two thumbs up for yummy-ness!


Source: WFM 1-10

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