Newbie – Get the kids involved!


                 On Monday while I was making the daily chore list for the kids: unload dishwasher, make bed, put away folded clothes…. I got an idea.. the final chore,  plan two dinners each.  The girls read the list and got so excited. They even did their regular chore faster than normal just to get to that final chore. They got out a notebook and my oldest daughter started making the list:

1-( Vegetarian) chili with chips and salad

2-Bean tacos with watermelon

3-Mexican style salad (romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, quinoa, black beans, salsa,) topped with creamy tomatillo dressing

4- Anytime  bean dip with bake potatoes

                  It was so fun to go to the store to buy what we needed to make their dinners.  They were so excited to have their own night. I was amazed at how willing they were to eat what was cooked just because it was their very own idea. I’m hopeful that we can keep this up.  As for now, yippee for a successful week of feeding the kiddos!

Source: WFM 1-10

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