Veteran – The issue with ANIMAL PROTEIN

Warning:  What you are about to read may not be what you want to hear.

This post is not sugar-coated in anyway.  There is a reason for this…sometimes we ALL need (even VETRAN MOMMY) a little wake-up call…a little refresher.  A reminder why we eat the way we do.

This definitely doesn’t give ALL the reasons Whole Food Mommies eat a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.  But, I felt like I needed to be reminded about this critical subject because it has incalculable importance.

If you have recently read The China Study– you might not need to read this.  If you have never read about any of the studies found in The China Study– you might want to read this.  But for those of us who haven’t read it for awhile…and need a little reminder- This is for you:

Dr. T. Colin Campbell is one of the most respected nutritional biochemists in the world.  Campbell was particularly interested in PROTEIN and in the beginning he investigated how to produce more and better high-quality protein.  This was to help feed our undernourished world.  Due to what he found, his studies turned to the connection between toxic chemicals and cancer.

The results that he and his his colleagues found- challenge traditional thinking and threaten powerful commercial interests Nevertheless, the truths they uncovered are priceless.

Here is what their astonishing experiments found:

“The experiments demonstrated that it is not protein per se that determines cancer development, but that it is ANIMAL PROTEIN that is the primary culprit”.

They found that cancer is being constantly created in the body by many environmental ways.  One of these ways is through toxic chemical exposure.  However, toxic exposure is often not enough for the development of cancer.

In order to defeat the body’s natural defenses against it, cancer must be PROMOTED.

Campbell’s investigations have shown that


“And to Campbell’s surprise, he discovered that the primary protein of Dairy productsCASEIN -appears to be the most aggressive promoter of all.”

Cancer develops in a three-stage process.  These stages are:  initiation, promotion, and progression.  The most critical stage is promotion.  This is where the cancer is “fed”, a process that takes place across months and years.  It is here that animal protein does its damage, leading to the final stage of cancer: PROGRESSION.  By this time, there is usually little to be done, as the cancer is no longer controllable.

These studies and many other studies have shown that without animal proteins in the diet, the initiation stage of cancer development is often stalled.  In other words- the promotion stage does not begin. 

“The evidence points us toward a startling possibility:  It appears that, regardless of the level of exposure to the initiating carcinogen, many cancers may be unable to develop and progress without the presence of animal protein in the diet!  This finding, both counterintuitive and unpopular, is nevertheless a discovery of incalculable importance.”

Conclusion:  Despite all of the toxic materials in our food and in our environment, we still can maintain a huge degree of personal control over cancer by simply controlling what we put in our mouths.

So what do I want to put in my children’s mouths?  I want to place special caution on the dairy products they consume.  Remember, CHILDHOOD DIETS CREATE ADULT CANCERS.

I don’t know about you…but I’m always grateful for wake-up calls! 


Source: WFM 1-10

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