WFM's Nut Butter Sandwiches

Whole Food Mommies- Nut Butter Sandwiches


Nut butters are an EXCELLENT source of GOOD FATS for children.  To read more about good fats…read prior blogs here and here.


I love using the different types of nut butters for my children.  Tahini (sesame seed butter) is a very good source of CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM.  It has a bitter taste, but tastes great when mixed with the other nut butters.  Almond butter is known as the "heart healthy" nut butter because it has been shown to help lower cholesterol.  Also, studies have shown when eaten on a daily basis- it reduces the risk of diabetes.



All Natural Peanut Butter (no sugar added)
All Natural Almond Butter (no sugar added)
All Natural Tahini (Sesame Seed Butter)
WFM’s Whole Wheat Bread
Honey or Jam (low sugar- try to use one without high fructose corn syrup)


Mix 2 parts peanut butter with 2 parts almond butter and 1 part tahini to make a perfectly yummy nutrient dense nut butter spread.  (This is the combination that I like the best…but make your own spread combining different amounts for your own tastes)
I mix this spread in a old glass peanut butter jar and store in my fridge.
Spread the nut butter and honey over 2 pieces of whole wheat bread for a fantastic quick and easy sandwich.
Eat sandwich with fruit and veggies for a complete lunch.

Source: WFM Recipes

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