Maintenance – I LOVE summer!

Summer just makes me smile!  Here is a picture of all the fruit ripening on my counter right now….doesn’t it just make you


One easy way to get your family to eat more fruits and vegetables is just to have it plain sight.  Each of my 4 children came into

the kitchen today looking for a snack and each one grabbed a piece of fruit.  Hooray!

Summer is a great time to experiment with different varieties of nature’s bounties.  This week try to buy a fruit or a vegetable

that is new to you or your kids.  Most kids have tried bananas and apples, but many have not experienced the pleasure of a

delicious ripe mango (our personal favorite right now).  Even if you are certain that they won’t like it, try it anyway.  Experts say

that it takes trying something 10 times to acquire a taste for it.  This is what my kids refer to as their taste buds “hatching”.

It is music to my ears when one of them exclaims, “Mom, my taste bud just hatched!”

Source: WFM 1-10

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