Newbie – Too Busy for healthy food?

As I sit here typing this, I am sipping on my green fruit smoothie. Each Whole Food Mommy has our own variations on the smoothie. I am pretty sure mine is a little different every time I make it. It all depends on what I have in my fridge and freezer. It took me months before I had the confidence to just throw one together.

Today mine was made  with:

1/2 c water

about 15 purple grapes

1 banana

8 leaves of kale (without the stem) If you haven’t used kale before, I slice or rip mine off the stem making sure to get all the leafy green part.

2 handfuls of baby spinach

1 Tbsp flaxseed

1/2 c costcos frozen fruit (its a tropical blend)

I threw it all in my vita mix and tadaaaaa, lunch on the go. The extra Kale made it a little bitter, but I am use to the flavors and actually enjoy it. If you are new to all this “eating greens” then maybe just throw in a couple of leaves. Kale is a super food and is worth choking down until you LOVE it (or at least appreciate the benefit enough to drink it).

Lunch on the go is something that is so important to me right now. I can barely get the laundry folded (OK, so I can’t even get to that most days!) I have 3 kids at home that keep me hopping.. The twins are 19 months now, we just celebrated a 4th bday, and I have a 7 year old who is at school. She  needs to be picked and run to and from dance and other activities. I know how hard it is to prepare healthy meals for a busy family. I am no super fantastic mom with all the answers. I am however trying daily to get it right. Sometimes I fall short, but having this website and watching all the members join is so inspiring to me.  We are all striving to be better, I think that deserves some credit! The days I don’t have a lot of time, I like to have the ingredients on hand for these quick dinners:

So simple black bean soup


Anytime Bean dip-Dinner


Taco Soup


Black bean lettuce wraps


Bean Tacos


I keep setting a goal for myself to plan meal in advance. Something that I found helpful and more realistic for my life is planning 4-5 dinners a week. That way I can buy the food for the menu and make them anytime that week. I don’t feel the pressure of following a strict schedule, but my life is just organized enough to know what I am making for dinner. This way my kids don’t end up eating rice and beans with a side of broccoli every night

Happy Meal Planning! (it really does help)

I would love to hear your ideas as well. Thanks for reading!

Source: WFM 1-10

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