Newbie – Happy Mother's Day~

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there who influence the lives of others! What a great day to celebrate us!

This is my first official Mother’s Day as a whole food-er(last year we were so new to it all). My husband and kids usually make me breakfast in bed that would consist of eggs, bacon, and toast. I was pleasantly surprised with a Fruit and Spinach smoothie. Its one of my Favorites. It was so fun more me to listen to my husband and kids to figure out how mom makes it. I love the effort they put into it!

Then to my ultimate surprise my sweet husband looked up recipes on our site to cook me KALE HASH BROWNS!  They were fantastic!! I hadn’t tried them yet. If you are like me and stick to a few favorite recipes, branch out and try this one! Thanks Maintenance Mommy for creating this! YUM!

The surprises didn’t end there. My husband had planned all our family meals for the day from our website! What a sweetie! For lunch he planned Roasted Veggie Sandwich and for dinner Black bean lettuce wraps! It turned out to be a fantastic day!

Our website is such a fantastic resource that even I forget to use as often as I should. My husband said, “it was so easy, I just looked up breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes.

If you haven’t tried a new recipe lately, I highly recommend any of these. I even got my kids to try the kale hash browns. They complained, but I pulled the “its Mother Day” card so tried them and even liked them!

Happy Cooking to all! Hope its a great week!

Source: WFM 1-10

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