Newbie – Where to start?

            Last weekend we had a birthday celebration for my Step-Dad. All of my family was gathered together. It was so great to see everyone. My husband and I received many compliments… or half compliments anyway. People that we hadn’t seen in months noticed a difference in us. By the end of the evening a couple of my sisters said, “I want to eat like you guys” then asked for a few more details. I tried my best to explain that it’s more than just not eating meat or dairy products. It’s more important what we DO eat, not what we don’t. After talking with them for a few minutes, I realized I could talk until I am blue in the face, but unless you  understand why you are eating this way then it won’t stick and won’t matter. There will always someone willing to argue with you about your beliefs, if you don’t have the info to back it up, then its easy to sway back and forth. I told them that if they are serious, they need to  read “The China Study” and/or “Eat to Live”. These books give you enough info to get you going on your path to a healthy happy self!

At the same party, I met a couple that through my Step-Dad had heard and read “The China Study” and “Eat to Live”. They  have two daughters born with PKU and are struggling to find a diet to somewhat match with what their children can eat. I talked to them Saturday night and they were just getting ready to start the 6 week Eat to Live plan in the morning.  I hope its going well for them, keep it up!! 

 I hope that if you haven’t picked up either of these books that you will do it today!! It will help you through your transition or get you started on a path that will change your LIFE and HEALTH for the better. I love the way I look and feel…. wow did I just say that..?? hmmm….I guess I really do LOVE the way I look and feel! (its not perfect, but it’s me and I am happy!)

Happy Reading!!

Source: WFM Blog 16

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