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I absolutely loved what Newbie Mommy wrote about falling off the wagon.  We all have slip ups.  In fact, these days, my “slip-ups” are even pre-meditated.  For example, last week was my birthday which meant lots of lunches, dinners, treats and celebrating.  Over just a few days I “fell off the wagon” so to say and put on a few unwanted pounds.  To make matters worse, I knew that I would be starting a 21-day “cleanse” (check back in a few weeks for details), so I went into that “last supper” mode.  Knowing I was starting on Monday, I was eating things over the weekend that I normally never eat!  What is it about feeling deprived that makes us do crazy things?!!! 

For me the key to “staying on the wagon” is constantly giving myself information about the reasons I eat the way that I do.  This means a plethora of reading material.  My night stand is always stacked with nutrition books, my inbox full of articles, and my library “hold” list brimming with fantastic reads.  I truly think it is the key to staying focused.  It also helps to have a great support system of people that you can talk to (shout outs to Newbie and Veteran) about your nutrition goals!

For many people it is just a matter of getting started.  So here are a is a list of my favorite books.  If you don’t like one just move onto another.  Surely something will catch your attention.

The China Study                          How to Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease


Eat to Live                                    Fit for Life Not Fat for Life


Disease Proof Your Child                     Healthy at 100

The Skinny Bitch                                    The Kind Diet


Breakthrough                                              Knockout


My list could go ON and ON and ON and hopefully it still does.  These are just a handful of the many books I would recommend to make you stop

and just take a look at your nutrition.  Happy Reading!

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