Newbie – Get back on the wagon!! (or join)

                          We all fall off from time to time. Then we have an excuse to wait until MONDAY or the start of a new month before we get refocused. Hurry and indulge in that “last supper” before we get back. I am here to say, IT’S OK!! Don’t beat yourself up over it. Get back on the wagon and we are here to help. We are working on some very exciting things to make it easier. But for now, even if you are a newbie like me, take baby steps. Pick a recipe or two to try new each day. Some of my favorites, because they are quick and easy (AND MY KIDS LIKE THEM!)-

Anytime dip –  I have it available at all times so when I feel like you need to grab something quick, it’s there! It goes great with low sodium chips, over brown rice, or on top a bed of lettuce. YUM!

Black Bean lettuce wraps  I normally have stuff on hand to make these. Just throw it together in a few minutes and tadaaa! Dinner! I adapt the recipe a little by sometimes adding flaxseed to the bean mix or mushing the avocado in as well. Black beans are a great place to “hide” things from my kids.

Lettuce veggie rollsAnother one that comes together quick and taste delicious! You can have fun with the veggies that you put in. I have had to teach myself to like new veggies. It takes time, but yum.. well worth it!

Potato Medley Try this recipe sautéed in a pan( like has browns) I like to steam my dark leafy green a little to get the most nutrients out of them. Its great for breakfast hash browns.

We have a lot of fun recipes on our site, and there are a lot of delicious veggies out there. Try something new today! Have fun with it.

Get back on the wagon…. at least by MONDAY …… 🙂

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