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Veteran – Good Fats for Children

After I finished writing my last blog about FAT– I realized that I didn’t write much about

feeding GOOD FATS to our children.

This is a subject that I sometimes stress a little about.

Are my children eating enough of the GOOD FATS in their diet?

There are a couple of DHA points that I want to address:

To repeat some info from my last blog- the following WHOLE foods provide our bodies with the needed FATS to produce DHA:


TIPS for feeding children:



I can’t forget to mention the benefits that come from consuming AVOCADOS.  These are also healthy source of fatty acids.  Not quite as good as raw nuts and seeds- but avocados not only provide the healthy fats but they come packed with essential nutrients.



Raw nut butters are a great way to give your children their needed FAT.  Especially because it is hard sometimes for children to want to eat enough raw nuts and seeds in their whole form.  My children love raw cashew nut butter on their sandwiches (if you can afford it ). I also try to spread a little tahini (raw sesame seed butter) on their peanut butter sandwiches.  Tahini provides an excellent source of calcium!  If using peanut butter, if possible, it is best to purchase a brand without other additives (like HFCS).

Have your kids try this HUMMUS recipe, which includes TAHINI.  My kids LOVE it!  It helps them eat their raw veggies.  The red pepper makes it a fun orange color- it’s VERY yummy!


In food processor:
1/4 C. tahini (you can toast 1/3 C. of lightly toasted sesame seeds then grind in food processor to make this tahini)

1-2 Tb olive oil (optional- definitely makes it more creamy)
2 T. fresh lemon juice (can use more….I don’t like it with too much lemon)
1-2 garlic cloves minced
One red pepper- chopped
One can of garbanzo beans, drained (keep some liquid)
Real Salt to taste
½ -1 tsp cumin
pinch of cayenne pepper

Add water or leftover garbanzo liquid until Hummus is a dip-like consistency.  (It will thicken in the fridge).  Eat with fresh veggies and/or whole-grain crackers.


“We all must accept the fact that health is created and experienced as a result of the healthful behaviors and environment we create for ourselves and our loved ones.  We must take personal responsibility by educating ourselves and teaching our children to care for themselves.”  Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Source: WFM Blog 16

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