Newbie – A few Mommy tips

            Because my family, especially my children are new to this way of eating, it wasn’t and isn’t always a smooth dinner time. To help ease some of the “mom, why this?” or “I hate this dinner” comments, I try to allow them to be part of the choices. They usually get to pick the GREEN veggie we will be eating. I also let them chose if they want it steamed or crunchy. (asparagus, broccoli, peas, soy beans) One other thing that I have noticed, if I include my kids in the cooking process, they want to try their creation once its done. Even my three year can help by dumping seasonings or turning on the blender. Their are a lot of ways to include the kids. Have fun with it!

          If my dinner is something that I know is just too new or strong flavored, I will only make them try a set number of bites (usually their age number) before they can chose to eat something else. It has almost been a year and usually I can get them to finish a small amount with some type of incentive. It isn’t easy and not always the perfect dinner. I am comfortable with the idea that I am teaching my kids about nutrition and why we chose to eat the way we do,even if we fall off that perfect path at times. I think it’s just important for them to know what is the better choice and why.

         Now with my twins… HURRAY that they are just one and will usually try anything I put in front of them. One thing I try to do often is give them something green to chew on while I am cooking dinner or right before I feed them lunch/dinner. They will eat more of it when they are super hungry. It has worked so far. It’s always a learning curve and not everything will work for each child, try some of my ideas and add your own. It’s a never ending process. I would love to hear any tips or ideas you may have. Please share them in the comments. We are all in this together!

Source: WFM Blog 16

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