Newbie – The scary four letter word….


Diet: (noun) way of living, or thinking, a day’s journey

This was the definition of “diet” when it entered the English dictionary in the mid-1600’s. So Simple! So sane! How did this cute little word become synonymous with deprivation, suffering,and– let’s be honest— total hell?” – The Kind Diet, Alicia Silverstone

       It’s funny, as in frustrating-funny, having the whole diet discussion with people who look at how I eat as a “diet”. Something to deprive myself until I am fit or skinny enough to go back to the real world way of eating. I try to explain to people that it is a diet because it’s the way I eat, but more important it’s a lifestyle change. I love the sly grin I get from people thinking, “cute, or I’ve heard that before” mostly because that is how I treated people when I heard them talk of things like this before. A year ago, I would have never listened to myself today. I probably would’ve left the room thinking….. she’s crazy!! So I do get it, I totally understand where people are coming from, but I wish there was some catch phrase or button I could push to spark interest. People are so scared of the word DIET.

      I have just been skimming through “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone and I am loving it. She has so many ideas and such a great way of wording things. She said something on Oprah that caught  my attention, (paraphrased)”You don’t need to come home and announce that you are changing everything.” Take baby steps with the new ideas, make simple switches like less meat more veggies.

         At first my kids were not too excited about all the new changes, luckily they are still young and didn’t have the deprived feeling for too long. To get them to eat more veggies and explore all these new recipes, I let them choose. I would pull out some broccoli and asparagus and have them pick which one they would take at least two  or four bites of. They didn’t love it at first but now, its normal. They ask for broccoli over corn and carrots (our old staple veggies). It does take time and work to change the diet in the house but, man it has been so worth it. Don’t get  me wrong, there are times when my kids ask for pizza and I give in. I don’t want them to hate the way they eat. I want to teach them how it feels when you eat well. My girls are young, but every time they get sick or don’t feel well, they trace it back to a poor food choice. (and I LOVE THAT!)

      DIET doesn’t have to be scary or hard for anyone. Take baby steps, start throwing in some more green veggies. Everyday is a step forward…. and if you happen to pass a krispy kreme and stop. Just have one…. Then make up for it later with extra broccoli or a green drink., or wait and see how it makes you feel. I love a good pastry, but I know the aftermath is upset stomach, headaches and just BLAH. Overtime, it gets less tempting.

DIET to me, means taking the best care of my body for optimal health.  (amazing side affects: feeling great, more energy, healthy skin, losing weight and fitting into great jeans, not too shabby)

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