Veteran – Where do you get your PROTEIN?

When people find out that I eat very little animal product…more often than not, some sort of “protein” question is asked.  This question shouldn’t surprise me…We live in such a “must have enough protein” society (thanks to the meat industry and don’t forget those ATKINS guys).

“So you don’t eat meat?”  Then with a confused look on their face they ask  “Where do you get your protein?”

Of course I answer in a very polite, inoffensive, humble way…or at least I try to.  But there are so many fun ways to answer this question- I thought I would throw some out there for the fun of it.  I enjoy the logical answers, that get them thinking.

1.   “Where do I get my PROTEIN?  The same way “meat” gets it’s protein…GREENS” 

2.  “How are you supposed to gain muscle without eating any meat?”

My answer:  “You are right…we should tell the elephants that”

The biggest animals- elephants, gorillas, rhinoceroses, hippos and giraffes all eat predominantly green vegetation.

3.    Did you know that 100 calories of STEAK has 5.4 grams of PROTEIN?  Guess how much PROTEIN a 100 calories of BROCCOLI has?  11.2 grams

4.   “I have never heard of anyone being diagnosed with “protein deficiency.”  Should I be worried? LOL!

Most American’s get TOO much animal protein (the average American eats over 100 grams a day- an unhealthy amount.  Adults only require 30 grams a day).  When a diet is centered around WHOLE unprocessed foods (vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts & seeds) the diet contains a healthy amount of protein.  It does not need to be a concern.

5.   FACT:  Green vegetables are about 1/2 protein, 1/4 carb and 1/4 fat

6.   “Well I for sure don’t consume my protein via ANIMALS…are you kidding me?”  Did you know that ANIMAL PROTEIN promotes every stage of cancer in rats?  The amount of ANIMAL PROTEIN consumption in CHINA directly correlates with CANCER incidence? (Read THE CHINA STUDY for the FACTS)

7.   “Which has more protein – oatmeal, ham or a tomato?”  The answer is that they all have about the same amount of protein per calorie.  The difference is, the tomato and the oatmeal have FIBER and many other nutrients that fight disease.

HAM– not only comes from a PIG, an animal that does not have sweat glands- GROSS!, but it contains cholesterol and saturated fat.  Now- remember…Saturated FAT and Cholesterol cause the number one killer in this country- HEART DISEASE.  All animal products are devoid of FIBER!

This is my usual answer:

“Where do I get my protein?  GREEN Vegetables, Beans, Nuts & Seeds.  These plant based foods have more protein per calorie than meat.  They also are much easier to digest and also provide me with disease fighting nutrients.”

My favorite:  After I respond to their PROTEIN question…I ask with a confused look on my face:

So…Where do you get your FIBER?

Source: WFM Blog 16

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