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While driving home late last weekend, my husband heard an ad on the radio for “The cancer project“. He was surprised to hear about it on the radio. He told me all about it in the morning and we looked up the site. I was thrilled to find that someone(group) is so willing to get this information out there for free. We are a nation in need of this information. Cancer prevention, who doesn’t want that? Why aren’t people more willing to listen? It amazes me how many people, even my own family members, will not take it seriously. When I read and found information that would insure my families health I jumped on it. I have BRCA1 and I could easily have passed it on to my four daughters. I feel like feeding them a whole food plant based diet is just like giving them their daily dose of preventative medicine. This FREE website is all about getting the info out there. They have free recipes and books that they will send you. They only ask for donations to help support their cause. I am all for it!! 

I read through the site and found Ellen Jaffe Jones wrote an article called “Beating the genetic odds”. In her family there are many diseases, including breast cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease. Her doctors have told her it is genetic and she will have to deal with it as it comes. She decided to take the matter into her own hands and fight it with proper nutrition. (eating a WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED diet)She is by far the healthiest member of her family to this day.

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Let’s spread the word and start saving people from unnecessary suffering.

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