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My mother was watching her local news this evening and saw a clip on how a local school district has changed their school lunch program to provide more healthy options to the children.  They stated that this school district now offers the most healthiest lunch options in the state of Utah (Jordan School District).  My mother shared this with me because she found it a little humorous.  After reading the article and watching the clip I understood why (

I want to first state that I think it is GREAT that this lunch program is wanting to do better…and part of me wants to believe that every little change toward a more healthy lunch is better than nothing, RIGHT?  Some of the changes I think are wonderful…others- not so much.

Here are some of the “HEALTHY” items they are now providing:

1.  Instead of ordinary cheese in School Lunch lasagne…they are now using LOW FAT cheese.

2.  They are offering beef strips made from 100% beef with a whole grain breading (it looks like they were deep fried- but don’t forget about the healthy whole grain breading)

3.  They are offering cheese bread (and that is healthy…why?)

4.  They are mixing in sweet potato fries with the ordinary fries…for added nutrients.

5.  They are providing bread made from 50% whole grain.

6.  Their homemade desserts are made from 50% whole wheat flour

7.  Fruit bar for the children to choose from:  Grapes, trail mix and apples (I actually really like this one)

If there was one change I would want school lunches to make- I think it would have to be VEGETABLES.  Promote them more in the classroom and have healthy options for them in the lunchroom.  Why don’t they just replace the dairy products with vegetables…wouldn’t that be a great idea?  I just don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon 🙂  I guess we will just have to stick to home lunches.

Source: WFM Blog – 2

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