Newbie – Renegade lunch lady

I was so excited to find this news clip.

 I would love to be able to send my kids to school knowing they would actually be eating nutritious food. Wow, What a concept!  The statistics speak for themselves, 1 in 3 children in America will be diagnosed with diabetes!! It’s time we start questioning why and how can we prevent this? The diabetes either comes from obesity or other foods. Type 1 diabetes has been linked to cows milk.  Diabetes is costing Americans $174 billion a year!! It makes me crazy that we are so willing to pay for a prescriptions and medical treatment, but not willing to pay the extra few bucks for proper nutrition that WILL prevent the disease from ever occurring.

Its time for us to demand better for our children, for their health, and to give them the best we can.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Source: WFM Blog – 2

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