Newbie – Monthly Weigh In 9-30-09

I decided to switch from weekly to monthly because I am down to that last 15 lbs that I need to lose and that just seems to take a little longer. I am however, very happy to report a 5.1 pound LOSS!!

I have ten pounds left to reach my goal weight!!

My BMI is 23.8 NORMAL!!! 

I am back to the size/weight pre-pregnancy! My twins aren’t even a year old yet. I lost the bulk of my weight as soon as I switched my diet. I originally had my focus on fitness over nutrition. So in 5 months I lost all the baby weight with a diet shift!! Its unbelievable!!

I love how good my body feels! After I weighed in, I got mad at myself for falling off the wagon for a bit. I am back on and hoping to get the last ten pounds off this month?? (unrealistic maybe but, I am a dreamer!) Wish me luck!

Source: WFM Blog – 2

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