Newbie – Biggest Loser~season 8

As I watched the season 8 opener last night, I was disappointed. I usually get really excited for the contestants and super motivated for myself to get going. After reading The China Study and Eat to Live, I can’t help but be cynical. Then I start to feel bad for those people,  they are working out for hours on end and exhausted. Granted I am a believer of physical fitness for sure, but if they would change their diets to a whole foods plant based diet the weight would just fall off! I can’t imagine how much faster the weight would drop adding those two together! Man, I wish I could pitch my show idea to someone who cared! My husband lost over 60 pounds in two months by just changing his diet, without working out for even five minutes. I can’t imagine how the dynamics of the show would change if they would push a whole foods plant based diet. I am sure they would never be able to do that, they would lose all of their sponsors!  As for now, I challenge anyone who thinks they need to lose weight to read these two books and put it to the test! Beat the biggest loser from your own kitchen!! We all watch them work out so hard and think man, if I was there I could do it too. Try my theory, I say change your diet and workout for an hour a day and you will get the same results (or better) as the biggest loser contestants! Try it and tell me how it works!!

Source: WFM Blog – 2

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