Newbie – Response to veteran mommy's blog: Dietary Guidelines Committee

I can talk all day long about how I wish the school nutrition program would change because of the effect they are having on our country’s children. As I read through the School Nutritional Association plea it all comes back to the government. The standard cannot be raised unless the money is there. Our kids are just numbers and money. Their quality of life is being effected by the food being provided to them and there is not much that can or will be done unless the USDA wakes up. I just see it all as a vicious cycle: our kids eat the food provided, get  ADD, ADHD, TYPE 1 DIABETES, DEPRESSION, become OBESE, or many other diseases, we take them to the doctors who make money, then give our kids daily medications so pharmaceutical companies make money, then we go around raising money to pay researchers to find a CURE for all these PREVENTABLE diseases… hmmm??

I get so frustrated with this whole process. We have all grown up in the country being taught the food pyramid in school. We get our “well balanced diet” information from the people who are making money from us eating their food. I would like a non-biased food pyramid from someone who isn’t going to make any money off what I eat. Or we can all just keep following our government and the food and dairy administrations. Watch them get rich while we all get sick and die of heart disease, cancers, and suffer with diabetes and osteoporosis.

Be pro-active!!

So for me and my kids, I will be making their lunches to take to school.  I have had people say to me, “I wish I cared that much” or “I just don’t have that kind of time”!  It would be so awesome if everyone would realize the effect food has on our bodies, I am sure then people would “care that much” or “find that kind of time”

Please, don’t take my word for it, I am the “newbie mommy” still learning.

Read the proof, the research has all been done for us.

Source: WFM Blog – 2

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