This was my first go with a juice cleanse. My plan was to drink two 10 oz juices a day for three days (and as much water as I wanted).  There are many purposes to doing a juice cleanse. The first thing that intrigued me was the WEIGHT LOSS!! As I read more about it,  I realized there are so many more benefits of juice cleansing. It allows our bodies and our organs to rest, because we are drinking everything there is no need for our our bodies to process anything.  It also allows all the built up toxins to be released. Sometimes you get sick while juice cleansing because you are waking up old toxins that have been sitting in our organs. There are two times you get sick from the toxins, on there way in and on there way out. It makes sense right? They are also good to do after a vacation or holiday, and anytime after you have been eating a lot of processed foods. Most books I have read recommend a juice cleanse once a quarter.

Day one: Friday morning I had my first drink, not too bad. (as I have mentioned before, I would rather drink my meals and know my body is properly nourished than take the time to plan out meals and eat). By the evening I was still feeling great. I did a little running around with the kids during the day and was surprised to still have energy. I had my second drink that evening and I felt great! I wasn’t missing food at all.

Day two: Saturday morning, I planned a BIKRAM YOGA session with a friend. I had my drink on the way and was so excited to go. I was a bit nervous because  BIKRAM YOGA is a 90 minute series of poses in a HOT and HUMID room. Its not uncommon for people to get sick and dizzy and sometimes throw up. I have gone in the past and never suffered in any way, but with just juice in my body,  I was worried. I thoroughly enjoyed my session, however I did get a little sick and dizzy! I was exhausted by the end and had to miss a couple of my favorite poses. I took it easy for the rest of the day and looked forward to my evening juice. 

Day three: I was finally starting to miss food. There wasn’t anything specific that I wanted, but I was not looking forward to that same juice! I drank it, but had to force myself to smile through it. I was for sure seeing the weight loss results and couldn’t wait to weigh in. I had my juice and around lunch time I decided to have a piece of watermelon (its a half cheat, because its mostly water) I just needed a different flavor!! By the final evening I was so done drinking the same juice, I had to force it down.  I had more fruit and couldn’t wait to weigh in.

THE RESULTS: I LOST 6 POUNDS IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!  Now that it is all said and done I feel great, I was surprised  that I had as much energy as I did. I would recommend it. I am however nervous to see how quickly the weight comes back or if  it will stay off, if the juice cleanse will mess with my metabolism, and if getting back into exercise will be hard on me. Stay tuned!

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