Newbie – WEEKLY WEIGH-IN 8-9-09

Skipped a week, I know. I am sorry. We were out of town without my regular scale!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.. or maybe not!!

After being on vacation for 11 days… I am sad to say, no weight loss!!

I wasn’t able to stick with the diet perfectly and I ate a few things that do not follow the guidelines. I am excited to be back at home and in my own environment  with my veggie steamer and flax seed grinder (daily essentials for me). Making my own bread and granola today. I can’t wait to get back in my routine and get losing again!!

***After being home for two days my weight is the same as when I left!!  NO permanent WEIGHT GAIN from VACATION!! PHEW!!!!!!!!

Hope you kept up while I was gone. Please post your weight loss in comments!

If you have an off week like me, chalk it up to reality and get back on track!! Lets get skinny and healthy together!!

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