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Newbie – Sneaking in HEALTHY FOODS

I love to find new ways to sneak in the extra greens, especially when you can’t taste it!

I like to take a recipe, follow directions the first time, then change things up and make it my own. With the anytime dip, I chop the cilantro and then add a leaf or two of kale. When I mix it all up no one knows the kale is in there and it doesn’t change the flavor at all.

Confetti enchiladas, thats another great place to throw in kale or collard greens, just chopped them up and throw them in the mix.  

Smoothies…. you can hide anything in a smoothie! I always add spinach and flax seed. My kids even ask for the green smoothie now. I love that feeling when you hand your kids something you know it truly good for them and they don’t complain!!

I get so excited when I can trick my family and myself into eating our greens! Hee Hee!

Source: WFM Blog – 2

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