I am a BUSY MOM with not a lot of time, if you are eating only WHOLE FOODS then you know how long it can take to not only prepare but eat them.  I have been learning how to incorporate all of this into my everyday life.

I have become big fan of drinking my meals. I love coming home from my morning workout and having my replenish smoothie, putting a fun combo of fresh and frozen fruits into my vita-mix! It tastes great, doesn’t take a lot of time to make, and I can drink while I am feeding my twins or getting my other kids dressed and ready for the day. I get my three fruits and a spinach boost! What I love even more about this drink is that MY KIDS LOVE IT! Its HEALTHY and I can feel like a great mom when I see them get all that nutrition in a yummy drink.

At first, my lunches would take me over an hour to make and eat. I just can’t put that much time into eating right now. I was making big delicious salads, trying to get the maximum amount of green veggies in one sitting. Now I really enjoy having a green lunch smoothie throwing everything into my vita-mix. I can have that in the car with me while picking up and dropping off kids. I bring that with a few carrots or grapes (anything I can throw in a small lunch baggie) and enjoy my lunch on the go. HEALTHY, EASY, and FAST!!

Dinners, I try to eat at home. If we end up out with friends, then I try to get a green drink in before I go to bed.

I am still learning and adjusting to this new and fantastic lifestyle. I am so happy to find new ways to incorporate eating WHOLE FOODS on the go.

Source: WFM Blog – 2

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