Newbie – Weight LOSS! SO EASY!!

 Alright ladies, this is the REAL deal……After my husband and I listened to Joel Furhman’s, “Eat to Live” we decided to take on his challenge and follow his diet rules for 6 weeks. My husband (who has never EVER adjusted his meat loving diet) was so committed, more committed to it than I was (shh, don’t tell him)!! A serious shocker. He started losing weight immediately, 10lbs in the first week! After 6 weeks of following the “Eat to Live” guidelines he has lost 40lbs!!! He feels great and stronger than ever. My weight loss was steady and  great for me, I lost 12lbs in the six weeks. It was amazing to watch how easy it was for both of us. We talk about it all the time….. how frustrating to live our whole life and have us and  family members struggle with weight gains and up and down, when it is SOOO simple to lose! If you are skeptical please give it a try, even a week or two makes a difference. The basic plan, in its simplest form is so easy to follow. Try to eat 3-5 fruits a day, 1 pound of raw veggies, 1 pound of cooked veggies. Read the book!!!!! Its so worth giving it a try!!

Breakfast- all fruit (3 fruits) That’s why I LOVE my morning smoothies.

Lunch- green salad with lots of veggies and 1 cup of beans on top (my anytime dip works great)

Dinner- steamed/cooked or water sauteed veggies and another salad.

Try not to use salt,  heavy salad dressings, and stay away from treats of any kinds for now. Man, its amazing what 6 weeks will do.  My husband and I feel so much better and let me be honest, he is looking smokin’ hot! He still has another 40+ and is staying on track.

***I still have some pounds to lose.. I am in weight loss mode and am now recommitting to all my peeps through this blog that I will try to be more strict and a model student of Joel Furhman, no promises because life is BUSY with four kids. But I will try. My plan is to have weekly weigh-ins on my blog. I will not write my current weight, just the pound/ounces lost. I invite you to join me. Start your journey today, lose weight and feel fantastic!

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