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    • Lemons - a superfood!

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    •  9/15/2010 9:46:29 AM
    • Lemons - perfectly adorable, and packed with a punch!


      There are so many nutrients packed into this little powerfood!  Lemons are often overlooked on our grocery list unless we have a specific reason for using them.

      But these little miracle fruits can add a little bounce in our step where just a little goes a long way.

      Here are just a few of the reasons you'll want to 'get your lemon on':


      Vitamin C - loads of it

      Potassium - more than an apple

      Warm lemon juice and water can relieve chest congestion and help asthma sufferers

      Alkaline forming in the body (even though it is acidic)

      Can be used for dental care - plaque removal, teeth whitening etc

      Natural Diuretic - great for urinary tract infections

      Lowers blood pressure and increases our levels of HDL (good cholesterol)

      Helps clean out our digestive tract including the liver and kidneys

      An natural antioxidant - great for giving a glow to our skin

      Improves memory storage

      Can relieve bites and stings when applied to the sting

      Helps prevent the common cold

      A natural antiseptic - great for treating wounds and infections


      To help save you time and to help you get a little more lemon in your day here is a little trick that Veteran Mommy shared with me.

      I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. 



         Whenever lemons go on sale I buy a bunch and juice them with my citrus juicer.




      I then pour the juice into an ice cube tray




      Once the juice is frozen, I store the "cubes" in a freezer bag. 




      Now I have fresh lemon juice on hand any time a recipe calls for it.  I LOVE that!

      A little tip: put a couple of these in your water bottle each day.


      I recently wen to a cooking class and used this tool.  It was so quick and easy to use and is now on my wish list.

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